Allison Carl is a Chinese-American illustrator from Philadelphia, PA. She is a recent graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), with a BFA in illustration. When she's not drawing, you can find her reading indie comics and manga, thrifting, or attempting to cook Chinese food. 

Awards and Exhibitions:

2018 Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibition
2018 Society of Illustrators West 56
2018 Light Grey Art Lab Arboretum
2017 Light Grey Art Lab Parallels
Arch Enemy Arts Small Wonders 3 and 4
RISD Illustration Triennial 

Features and Press: Kotaku // Ballpit Mag

Clients include: Cartoon Network, World Pride/Stonewall 50, Magic: the Gathering, Harmonix, Anthropologie, and Davey Wreden of Everything Unlimited LTD,


Send her a quick email at allisoncarlart@gmail.com
Resume upon request

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