Pokemon Traveler FanBook

Co-organized a self-published anthology featuring 80+ artists from around the world. My responsibilities as an organizer of this project include art directing 80+ artists, designing and laying out the book in InDesign, color correcting images, promoting the book on social media and budgeting production costs. 

THe Yellow Wallpaper

Select illustrations and mock page layouts for the short story
 "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Pen & Ink/Digital Color
Fall 2016

Things in your neighborhood abc's 

Select spreads from a pattern filled board book intended for ages 1-5



A collaborative poster/menu with Jean Wei in response to the prompt "pleasure and pain." We conceptualized a spicy ramen shop. 

The linework was done traditionally in pen & ink by Allison, and Jean developed the cute character and hand lettering. The color and menu design were handled together.